Why I began making Kombucha

This is a story of a wellness journey, though not my own wellness. I have been incredibly fortunate with my health my entire life, this is a fact I owe to an upbringing surrounded by home cooked meals made with home grown organic veg, rarely any processed foods, much outdoor adventure and a secure loving environment.

My little family, partner Michael, his daughter Sunny and our two young boys Neo and Roman was rocked when at the age of 47, Michael was diagnosed with advance prostrate cancer. The surgeon’s advice, take it out as soon as possible. A date was booked. But when Michael came home from his appointment with the surgeon, he said ‘Don’t worry love, but I’m not going to have the surgery, let’s have a look at what else we can do’.

I started calling friends, searching online, reading sometimes quite fantastical and nonsensical cure stories. But one story I couldn’t ignore as it was from a very good friend, she told me of her stepfather who was diagnosed with malignant melonoma and was given 3 months to live, she said ‘that was fifteen years ago’, we are now a further eight years on and he remains cancer free. The path he chose was the Gerson Therapy,  an immune boosting, detoxing therapy, full of organic fruit and veg, free from nearly all fat, salt, sugar and many spices, no animal product at all to start with, 13 juices hourly throughout the day, many supplements and five coffee enemas daily.

We read up on the therapy and decided to give it a go. It was incredibly intense for the both of us, I barely left the kitchen spending hours and hours juicing with a slow masticating juicer and then pressing often by hand the huge quantity of carrot and apple juice he needed to consume.

During this period of time I watched Michael become healthier than I had ever seen him before, his skin was clear and glowing, he had a vitality about him I’d not seen before, he lost excess weight, his bad knee no longer caused him any problems, even his temperament changed from hot headed to an even temperament. His PSA level, an indicator of prostrate cancer started to decline.

One of the most life changing aspects of this time for me was the feeling of empowerment I had, instead of feeling helpless in the face of such a frightening illness, I was actively helping him, giving him his food, which really was, his medicine.

I would have supported Michael in anyway he chose, to have the surgery or not, but his strength and determination to tackle his health crises in this way means that we now have a gorgeous little girl Eden, who would otherwise not be here.

Why I began making Kombucha

It is very difficult to go against the stream, to disagree with specialist medics, it is also very hard when friends and family don’t understand or have faith in the path you have chosen. After a year on the Gerson therapy Michael decided to go ahead with the surgery. His surgeon told him that his prostrate was in much better condition than when he had been diagnosed, and despite his previous MRI scan showing possible cancer outside of his prostrate gland he did not have to have any follow up radio therapy.

I think Michael does have some regret regarding the surgery, it is difficult, because you just don’t know, the Gerson therapy is supposed to be for two years. But I will be forever grateful that we have our beautiful little girl and I found a new path to follow in my life, to gain more knowledge of how we can make dietary and lifestyle changes to improve our longterm health.

I wanted to share with people things that we learned during our Gerson journey and so I took the Gerson juices and my books to Granby Street Market in our local community. I was delighted that so many people enjoyed drinking these juices and found that many people wanted to spend time talking about their health.

The focus of my health research turned to the human microbiome and its importance in our overall health. I ordered three cultures, milk kefir, water kefir and kombucha and I started my fermenting journey. I went back to our local market with the results and the response from customers was great. I realised the potential of Kombucha as a gateway food to better health and started brewing in larger and larger quantities, hoping to reach more and more people with this healthy drink.

For some time my Kombucha fermenting took over our house, vessels in the kitchen, in the dinning room and on the landing, but with the help of my business advisor from Granby Toxteth Development Trust, I progressed to having a business unit in Parliament Business Park which is moments away from where we live.

I feel very passionate about my product and business, I hope that drinking Kombucha leads many people down the path to improved health and wellness.