Organic whole-fruit, whole-veg and whole-herb flavour infusion

is what gives Kombucha its real taste and colour.
Black, green and jasmine tea brew with sugar, natural SCOBY fermentation
is what gives Kombucha its trade mark sharp, tart and tangy taste.


Natural bottle carbonation is what gives Kombucha its refreshing sparkle.

Discover Kombucha Flavours

Pear and Elderflower

Beautifully elegant, floral and uplifting notes with delicate sparkly fizz.
Perfect for your wedding cocktail bar.

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Turmeric Tonic

Tangy lemon is teamed up with powerful turmeric to create this healthy tonic. Perfect for your gardening days.

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Ginger Gem

This zingy drink gets your taste buds tingling. Delicious flavours of ginger with the light of citrusy tang of lime.
Ginger mixes well with any spirit and will surprise and delight your guests.

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Original flavour

Gently sweet and sour taste, similar to honey, perfect for your own flavouring.
Just pure goodness perfect for your picnic.

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Really Raspberry

This vibrant pink delight will excite your palette, delivering both the tart and sweet character of raspberries.
This raspberry needs taming, so naturally fizzy and full of life!

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Organic ingredients

Pear and Elderflower


Health benefits of green tea

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